Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Onde - onde


Onde-onde is a kind of popular snack cake market in Indonesia. This cake is very famous in the area of Mojokerto called as an onde-onde city since Majapahit.Onde-onde era can be found in traditional markets and sold in street vendors. Onde-onde is also popular especially in Chinatown area both in Indonesia and abroad.

Onde-onde made from wheat flour or glutinous starch or boiled and the surface is sprinkled/coated with sesame seeds. There are various variations, the best known is onde-onde made of glutinous flour and inside it is filled with green bean paste. Other variations are made only from wheat flour and coloured on the surface such as white, red, or green, known as wheat onde, which is a typical onde-onde of the city of Mojokerto.