Wednesday, May 30, 2018

sohun -

Sohun or soun (suun) is a fine noodle made from starch. After being boiled or soaked, vermicelli is clear, textured, and has a slippery surface. Among the various types of starch that can be used as raw materials are green bean starch, tuber (potato, sweet potato, tapioca), sago, aren, and midro (ganyong). Sohun is different from vermicelli.
sohun -

Sale in a dry and folded state like a bird's nest, vermicelli boiled or soaked until slightly soft before it is used for various stir-fry dishes and soups. Sohun has almost no taste, but absorbs the broth and the flavors of other ingredients cooked with him. Without soaked water first, vermicelli can be directly fried to crisp, and used as a base or decorate food.