Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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onigiri - www.healthnote25.com

Onigiri ( , ?) (Indonesian: nasi kepal) is the Japanese name for food in the form of compacted rice when it is still warm so that it is triangular, round, or like a rice sack. Known also by another name omusubi, a term that was reportedly used among women in the emperor's palace to call onigiri. Onigiri eaten by hand, not using chopsticks.

Onigiri is also sold in grocery stores in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea. In Korean, this food is called "jumeok bap" (Hangul: 주먹밥) or "samgak gimbap" (Hangul: 삼각 김밥), literal meaning: "nasi kepal" or "seaweed rice"