Thursday, May 31, 2018


Lahang is a typical Indonesian drink made from juice or water tap sari aren. Sweet and fresh taste is the hallmark of this drink. This drink is known throughout Indonesia, but is more associated with a typical Sundanese drink. Lahang is known to have quality as a traditional isotonic drink.

Lahang obtained from sugar palm trees. The part that is tapped is the male flower. How to tap it was not arbitrary, the farmers usually will leave early to tap the palm for freshness awake. It is said that under certain conditions the water from the palm tree flowers when late when tapped will turn into vinegar or tuak. Trees from flowers that will be tapped will be very good when it is 5 years old.

Tapping nira from male flowers is not easy. Some time before tapping, the fibers attached to the male flower bud should be cleaned. Also the midrib that blocks the cob.

This drink is usually served as a dessert or as a distraction. Suitable served during the day.