Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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Shabu-shabu (shabu-shabu) or shabu shabu is a Nabemono-type Japanese food of very thin slices of beef dipped into a special hot-water pan on the dining table, and waved in the broth for several times before being eaten with sauce ( tare) contains sesame called gomadare or ponzu. In the pot is usually also included vegetables, tofu, or kuzukiri.

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In addition to very thin slices of beef, other meats can be eaten by shabu-shabu such as chicken, lamb, fugu, octopus and snapper. Gyūshabu is the name for shabu-shabu beef. In Hokkaido, shabu-shabu lamb is called Ramushabu. Shabu-shabu pork is called Tonshabu or Butashabu. In Nagoya is known shabu shabu with Nagoya Kōchin chicken called Niwatorishabu.