Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Suji / Pudak (Dracaena angustifolia (Medik.) Roxb, Pleomele angustifolia (Medik.) N.E. Br.) Is an annual herbaceous plant whose leaves are used as natural green dyes for food. The suji leaves give a more concentrated green color than the fragrant pandan leaves, which is also a source of green color, but has no aroma.

Besides being used as a dye, the plant is usually planted in the yard because of its beautiful shape and the flowers that spread the fragrance, especially in the afternoon. Compound interest is arranged in essays with a yellowish white crown, sometimes with a purple tinge. The decorative cultivars have been developed with variegata leaves (yellow green stripes).

Traditional treatment of East Asia to know the rhizome and the root of suji as a source of tonic and allegedly efficacious cure