Wednesday, May 30, 2018

tempura -

Tempura ( , , 天婦羅 ?, fried meat) or tenpura is Japanese food in the form of seafood, vegetables, or wild plants dipped into the dough in the form of wheat flour and egg yolk diluted with cold water then fried with a lot of cooking oil until light yellow.

Tempura also means a different way of frying with furai (Japanese term for deep fry). Tempura fried foods are dyed in tempura dough, while deep fry fried foods are wrapped sequentially with flour, egg whisk, and panir flour.

Cooking oil used to fry tempura preferably clean cooking oil and not yet used to fry other foodstuffs. In upscale restaurants that provide tempura menus, expensive sesame oil mixtures and cottonseed oil are often used for tempura frying. Camellia oils used by sumo wrestlers as hair oils are also used in some expensive restaurants to fry tempura.
tempura -

Cooking oil used for tempura frying is often called tempura oil ( tempura abura?) Which is the name for various types of cooking oil such as canola oil, lettuce oil, or sunflower oil.