Thursday, May 31, 2018

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Anchovy is one of the most common marine caterers found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific coastal seaside, and is categorized as an oily fish. This fish comes from the family Engraulidae, which consists of fish with a size between 2 cm to 40 cm depending on the species.
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In Madura, anchovies are commonly caught with a device called a payang, although it is later known that payang is not sustainable.

The most common processing of anchovy is salted in salt solution and then packed in oil or salt. This process makes the skin color of the bluish-green fish to be gray. In Spain, anchovies are fermented in vinegar solution.

In Ancient Rome, anchovy was the basic ingredient of a fermented fish sauce called a garum. Garum has a high shelf life so it can be traded to a location far from the beach.
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This fish is also believed to have an aphrodisiac effect. This fish though small but has a strong flavor so that various kinds of fish sauce using anchovy as its basic ingredients.