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Sashimi (刺身?) Is Japanese food in the form of seafood with freshness of prima that is directly eaten in a raw state along with flavouring such as soy sauce, grated ginger, and wasabi.

Fresh seafood such as fish, shellfish and crayfish are served in the form of small slices that are easy to eat, while small shrimp are only peeled and discarded.
sashimi -

Tsuma is a term for a cone-shaped food that can be a long-sliced radish with a very fine size, a green leaf called Oba (Aojizo), or seaweed-like Wakame and Tosakanori.

Sashimi also means enjoying something in its raw state, ranging from raw pieces of Horse meat (Basashi), chicken (Torisashi), chicken liver or beef liver, to Konnyaku pieces and tofu flower called Yuba.
sashimi -

In the Kansai region, sashimi is better known as O-tsukuri.

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