Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Kwetiau (Hanzi: 粿 , Hanyu pinyin: guotiao, also called 沙河粉, shā hé fěn) is a kind of white Chinese noodle made from rice. If fried is called kwetiau fry. If cooked broth, called kwetiau sauce. Kwetiau is a popular food in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and other places that many inhabitants of Chinese descent.

Kwetiau is generally synonymous with ethnic Hokkien Chinese and Tio Ciu. In Indonesia, kwetia is distinguished on kwetiau ethnic cuisine of Hokkien and kwetiau ethnic cuisine of Tio Ciu. The famous Kwetiau among the many Hokkian ethnic people who live in Sumatra is kwetiau field that uses fish balls, lapchiong (pork sausage), and duck eggs. 

Kwetiau famous among the ethnic Tio Ciu who many dwell in Kalimantan is kwetiau cow that uses beef and its innards like tripe. In its development appeared a new variant known as kwetiau flush. Kwetiau Siram is a kind of kwetiau that berkuah, often cooked with pork or beef.

In Bagansiapiapi, Riau, the famous kwetiau is Kwetiau Bagan which can be found in various restaurants belonging to local Hokkian residents.