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dango - www.healthnote25.com

Dango ( ?) Is a round Japanese cake like a small ball, and matured by steaming or boiling in water.

In Indonesia, especially in the area of West Java known as Bacil (bakso cilok) made to resemble sate. Dango dough is made from rice flour with water or hot water. Kushidango is a name for a number of 3, 4, or 5 dango grains stuck together with a puncture (kushi) of bamboo. The number of dango grains in one skew depends on the area in Japan.

Dango that taste sweet made by adding sugar into the dough, while the dango is not sweet dipped in the sauce. Dango can also be eaten with a sprinkling of soybean powder (kinako), put into mitsumame (jelly eaten with various canned fruits) or red-watered peanut butter. Apart from rice flour, dango can also be made from wheat flour or millet flour.