Wednesday, May 23, 2018



Cireng (short for fried aci, Sundanese for 'fried starch') is a snack that comes from the Sundanese region made by frying a mixture of dough made from starch or tapioca starch.

These snacks are very popular in the Priangan area, and are sold in various shapes and flavours. This food is quite famous in the '80s. These ingredients include starch, flour, water, pepper powder, salt, garlic, soybeans, spring onions and cooking oil.

Along with the times, cireng has been innovated to a variety of flavours that include chicken, beef, sausage, basso, until cheese and chicken teriyaki. Even innovation is not only in taste but form, for example, is cimol.

Now Cireng is not only in Priangan, but has spread to almost all corners of the archipelago. Cireng that used to be sold by traders who ride bicycles with equipment to make Cireng on the back of his bike, even available online cireng.