Sunday, May 20, 2018

Lapis Legit

lapis legit -
lapis legit -

Lapis legit or spekuk (Dutch: Spekkoek) is one of the traditional wet cakes from Indonesia. This cake was first developed during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia inspired by European cake.

Legis made from a variety of spices that is very favoured by the Europeans, among them are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and aniseed so it is very distinctive rich in the aroma of spices.

 Egg-based cake, wheat flour, sugar, and butter/margarine has a sweet taste with a soft but sturdy texture. The baking dough is baked in the oven gradually to form layers that are generally 18 or more layers. Because of the many layers on the legit layer, this cake is also known as a thousand layer cake.

In Indonesia this cake is very popular. Lapis legit is usually presented on certain occasions and feast days, such as Lunar New Year, Lebaran, and Christmas. This cake is also presented as a gift at local festivals, such as wedding day and birthday. In the Netherlands, these cake slices are usually served as a snack or dessert in a rijsttafel dinner