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Klappertaart in Indonesia is known as Manado typical cake with basic ingredients of coconut, wheat flour, milk, butter and eggs. The dough recipe was an influence during the Dutch colonial period in Manado. There are several ways to cook klappertaart.

When baked and using bread, it will produce klappertaart in a solid form, can be cut like a taart cake in general. But there is also a cooking method that is not roasted. This will produce a softer texture, like eating a custard that instantly melts as it enters the mouth. This cake is most delicious when eaten in a cold state so should not be left too long outside the cooler.

Klappertaart includes cakes that contain high enough calories. There are clappertaart entrepreneurs who are looking for a mixture of dough that is lower in calorie content.

Some types of clappertart use low-calorie fats, high calcium milk and low-calorie sweeteners as a mixture of dough replaces commonly used milk and sugar, making the cake less calorie. Low Calorie Klappertaart is deliberately made so that people who are on the diet can enjoy this delicious cake.

Klappertaart -

Klappertaart is a regional icon of North Sulawesi (Manado) has also been included in Typical Food Archipelago along with 30 other food types from different regions. Currently Klappertaart has been developed into various flavors or flavor, there is a taste of Durian, Chocolate, Cheese, Rum Raisin, Blueberry , and of course the original. In Manado itself Klappertaart is very easy to get.