Thursday, May 24, 2018


mayonis -

Mayonis or (mayonnaise) is one type of sauce made from the main ingredients of vegetable oils, chicken eggs and vinegar. Mayonis are generally used as flavourings in foods such as salad or sandwich. there is also mayonnaise that only uses egg yolks only or uses lemon or mustard juice as a flavour.

mayonis -

In North America, mayonnaise is used in the manufacture of sandwich, French fried sauce in Europe (mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and has expanded into England, France, parts of Canada and Australia). 

In France mayonnaise also used as sauce which is served to be enjoyed with boiled eggs or cold chicken dish. In Japan also mayonnaise often used as so various kinds of foods such as okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki, Ebi furai and pizza.

mayonis -

Mayonis is one of the most commonly used sauce in French cuisine, so mayonis can be used as food dressings such as;

  • Aioli: mayonis of olive oil mixed with garlic
  • Saus tartar: mayonis with cucumber pickled in bottles and onions, but sometimes also added capers, olives and boiled egg lumps
  • Russian dressing (Marie Rose sauce): mayonnaise with tomato sauce, yoghurt and thick cream
  • Sos Thousand Island: Russian dressing with pickles and spices
  • [Fry sauce: mix of mayonis, spices, tomato sauce and other red sauce (Tabasco or Buffalo wing) as sauce for french fries
  • Mayonesa: lemon mayonis, commonly sold in North America at Mexican or Spanish food stalls.