Friday, May 25, 2018


Colenak or also known as tape Bakar is the name given to the snack made from peuyeum (tapai cassava) that is burned with dicocolkan on liquid java sugar mixed with the shavings of coconut. 

This snack comes from Bandung which was introduced by Aki Murdi in 1930. The naming of this food is a melakuran of the Sundanese word, dicocol delicious. In the cooking technique the sugar content in the tapai makes the tapai easy to burn - nevertheless for some, this is the best part.

This food includes typical Bandung food, one of the places that sell it is Colenak Murdi Putra in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bandung. Locations passed down for three generations from the earliest creators of Aki Murdi and now have variations of colenak taste durian and jackfruit.

The popularity of the colenak is chanted to Sundanese gamelan to the singing of children playing "Colenak beuleum peuyeum digulaan". The lyrics include a valuable ten-silver colenak (in 2013 it cost five thousand rupiahs), to the singing of the Bandung mojang shoe beats that went hurriedly but kept walking carefully.