Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bika Ambon

bika ambon -

Bika Ambon is a kind of snacks from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and coconut milk, ambon bikes are generally sold with pandanus flavour, although now also available other flavours such as durian, cheese, and chocolate. Bika ambon usually can survive in the best condition for about four days because after that the cake began to harden.

According to M Muhar Omtatok, a culturalist and historian, bika ambon cake is inspired by a typical Malay cake, Bika or Bingka. Further modified with the developer material in the form of nira / tuak enau to hollow and different from the cake Bika or Bingka typical Malay. Next M Muhar Omtatok mentioned that this cake is called bika ambon because it was first sold and popular at the intersection of Jl Ambon-Sei Kera Medan.

Bika ambon knew as souvenirs typical of Medan City, North Sumatra. In Medan, Jalan Mojopahit in Medan Petisah area there are at least 30 stores that sell this cake. Each store in this location can sell more than 1,000 packs of bika ambon per day if the holiday. 

It is estimated that the name of bika ambon emerged from the customs of the people who had just known the bika produced on Jalan Ambon, Medan. The mention of ambon bika eventually became a tradition along with the development of this food industry.