Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Cucumber sandwich

cucumber sandwich -

Cucumber sandwiches traditionally consist of thin cucumber slices placed between two thin slices of skinless white bread (or wheat in some cases) or crust.

Because the thinness of bread is a pride in the kitchen, Pullman white bread is densely cut with a wide bladed knife, the cutting guide is; During the day must pass through the fine pores produced. Cucumber skin is removed or printed extending with a fork before the cucumber is sliced.

The bread slices are carefully crammed to the ends of the thinnest layer, which is only to prevent the bread from moistening with cucumber juice, and cucumber slices, which have been crushed with salt and lemon juice, applied to sandwiches before serving to prevent bread. being moist enough to moisturize the eater's fingers. Bread crumbs are cut clean, to make a variety of tea sandwiches.

cucumber sandwich -

Traditional cucumber sandwiches come from England. Modern variants (mostly American) are available, involving cream cheese, chopped dill leaves or spices, brown bread, salmon, and even bread with crumbs left intact. One specific American variant includes benedictine, a soft green spread from a mixture of cucumber and cream cheese.

Cucumber sandwiches are most often served for snacks or afternoon tea, formal snacks are served at four in the afternoon or late in the evening before the main dinner. In addition, cucumber sandwiches can be served on tea breaks at cricket club matches in the UK. Because of the English influence on Indian culture, cucumber sandwiches are very popular during weekend cricket and picnic matches. Indian variants are seasoned with green chutney and sometimes contain sliced ​​boiled potatoes.

cucumber sandwich 

Due to the cold-cold nature of cucumbers, cucumber sandwiches are often eaten in the summer months or in warm climates, such as in some regions of India. Until its closure in 2011, Indian Airlines used to serve cucumber sandwiches as part of a common vegetarian food menu for short-haul domestic flights.

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