Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bacon sandwich

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Bacon sandwich, (also known in parts of the United Kingdom and New Zealand by the name of bacon butty, bacon bap, or bacon sarnie, in Ireland as rasher sandwiches, and bacon sanger in Australia and some parts of Scotland) re-cooked bacon sandwiches placed between breads that are usually first smeared with butter, and can be flavored with tomato sauce or chocolate sauce (usually thick meat broth sauce).

This dish is generally served hot. In some places sandwiches will be made from toast which is only baked on one side, while the other side works on the same thing as used for making hamburgers. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a thin slice of a pig's back presented in a kaiser roll is a popular sandwich version.

Bacon sandwiches are a favorite all day throughout the UK. The advantage in British culture is that in a poll in England, he was ranked number one that people like about Britain. They are often served in oily spoons, and anecdotally recommended as a hangover drug.

BLT is a popular variant of bacon sandwich with lettuce and tomato additives, but served cold.