Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Gerber sandwich

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Gerber sandwich is an open sandwich from St. Louis, Missouri. Gerber consists of half the Italian or French bread, smeared with garlic butter and topped with ham, and Provel or Provolone cheese (the original sandwich made with Provolone), seasoned with a sprinkling of paprika and then roasted.

"Gerber Special" was first made by a local family-owned Deli Ruma, and named after their customers and the next shop neighbor, Dick Gerber. Gerber owns a tire shop next to Deli Ruma in the Covington Manor shopping center, and Ruma allows him to make his own sandwiches in their kitchen for a small fee.

Dee and Tom Ruma were very impressed with the sandwich he made one day that they added the sandwich to the menu in 1973. The sandwich had been duplicated by many St. restaurants. Other Louis.