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Club sandwich

club sandwich -

Club sandwich or clubhouse sandwich  are sandwiches (occasionally baked), with cooked poultry slices, fried meat (bacon), lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

This sandwich is often cut into four pieces and put together by a cocktail punch. Modern versions often have two layers separated by an additional piece of bread.

Club sandwiches probably come from Union Club (said the club in Indonesian to be a club) in New York City. The earliest known reference to this sandwich is also an initial recipe; "Have you tried the Union Club sandwich? Two grilled Graham breads, with layers of turkey or chicken and ham between them, are served warm." Some other initial references also praise Union Club chefs by making sandwiches.

Other sources, however, find the origin of club sandwiches to be debated. Another theory is that club sandwiches were found at Saratoga Springs in New York, which was an exclusive place to play gambling in the late 19th century.

This sandwich is known to have appeared on the United States restaurant menu since 1899. The earliest reference to sandwiches in published fiction was from Conversations of a Chorus Girl, a 1903 book by Ray Cardell.

Historically, club sandwiches featured chicken slices, but over time, turkeys became increasingly common. Like BLT, standard baked white bread, along with crispy lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes. The sandwich is traditionally smeared with mayonnaise.

club sandwich -

The variation, however, is very much on traditional club sandwiches. Some protein ingredients vary, for example, "breakfast clubs" which include eggs or "roast beef clubs". Others include ham (not, or other than smoked meat), and or cheese slices. Vegetarian club sandwiches often include hummus, avocado or spinach, as well as substitutes for genuine bacon with vegetarian alternatives.

Mustard and sometimes honey plus mustard are common spices. Top class variations include, for example, oyster club sandwiches, salmon club sandwiches and melted Dungeness crabs.

Sandwiches are usually served with a sheet of fresh lettuce, or potato salad, and are often decorated with pickles. Lettuce or potatoes are often reduced to "garnishes", if the main accompaniment is ordered for french fries or potato chips.

club sandwich -

Because of the high fat and carbohydrate content of bread, bacon and sauces, club sandwiches are sometimes criticized as unhealthy food. In 2000, Burger King received criticism for its chicken club sandwiches, which contained 700 calories, 44 grams of fat (nine of which were saturated fat), and 1,300 milligrams of sodium, and trans fats from the remaining frying oil.

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