Saturday, July 7, 2018

kashkaval -

Kashkaval is a type of filata paste cheese originating from Eastern Europe especially Bulgaria. In addition to Bulgaria, cheese is also produced in Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, and Croatia. The cheese had existed before the Roman Empire and was the ancestor of the Italian Caciocavallo cheese.

Like other filata cheese pasta, Kashkaval cheese is made by way of kneading and stretching fresh curd before being salted and matured. Although the best Kashkaval cheese is made using sheep's milk but cow's milk and mixed milk have been used.

Kashkaval cheese is often referred to as "Cheddar of the Balkans". This cheese is a major component in menus in the Balkans and is often served together with olives. Because the cheese can not melt then this cheese is suitable for baking.