Saturday, July 21, 2018

kersen -

Kersen or talok (Muntingia calabura L.) is a kind of tree as well as its small and sweet fruit is bright red. In some areas, such as in Jakarta, this fruit is also named cherry (for real cherries, see cherry article).

In Madurese, this fruit is called "kersen" baleci. Other names in some countries are datiles, aratiles, manzanitas (Philippines); mât sâm (Vietnam); khoom sômz, takhôb (Laos); takhop farang (Thailand); krâkhôb goods (Cambodia); and sufficiency of Siam (Malaysia).
kersen -

Also known as capulin blanco, cacaniqua, nigua, niguito (Spanish); Jamaican cherry, Panama berry, and Singapore cherry (UK). The Dutch used to call it Japanse kers ("Japanese cherries"), ago from here taken into cersen in Indonesian or some call it cherry.