Friday, July 20, 2018

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breadfruit -

Breadfruit is the name of a kind of fruitful tree. The fruits of breadfruit are seedless and have a tender portion, which looks like bread after being cooked or fried. Therefore, Europeans recognize it as "bread" (Ingg .: breadfruit, Bld .: broodvrucht, etc.).
breadfruit -

Breadfruit is actually a cultivar that is selected so that no seed. The word "breadfruit" in Javanese means "seedless" and is used for seedless cultivars in other fruit types, such as guava and durian.
breadfruit -

The "seed" of the seed (and therefore considered semi-wild) is known as arising, kulur (Sundanese), or kluwih (Javanese), kulu (Acehnese), kalawi (Minang language), bakara '(Makassarese). In the Pacific region, kulur and breadfruit are an important source of carbohydrates. There are known by various names, such as kuru, ulu, or uru. The scientific name is Artocarpus altilis.

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