Monday, July 16, 2018

Hoisin sauce

hoisin sauce -

Hoisin sauce (hoi sin sauce) or haixian sauce (simple hanzi: ; pinyin: hǎixiānjiàng) is a marinade sauce for roast beef in Chinese cuisine. The sauce is dark brown and tastes sweet slightly spicy.

The word "hoisin" comes from the T Chinese script pronunciation in Cantonese. Hoisin sauce is also used as a flavoring sauce while making stir-fry dishes or when eating roasted duck, roasted pork, or grilled chicken.

Although written in Chinese characters meaning "seafood", hoisin sauce generally does not contain seafood. Therefore, hoisin sauce is often used in a variety of vegetarian dishes. The raw materials of hoisin sauce are fermented soybeans, brown rice, and spices such as kitchen salt, sugar, garlic, ngo hiang powder, vinegar, deaf seeds, and peppers.

Chinese dishes that use hoisin sauce, such as Peking duck, spring rolls, pork mu xu, popiah, and char siu. Roasted chicken for phở in Vietnamese cuisine smeared with hoisin sauce.