Monday, July 16, 2018

Espagnole sauce

espagnole sauce -

Espagnole sauce or brown sauce is one of the five main sauce (mother sauce) in French classic cuisine. The espagnole sauce is made of thick broth and roux (a mixture of butter and wheat flour). This sauce is the basis of making a demi-glace that is often used in French cuisine.

Many modern chefs prefer to use a demi-glace rather than espagnole sauce in making a derivative sauce because demi-glace has a lighter flavor. Derivative sauce that can be made from either espagnole or glace sauce include Bordelaise sauce, Bigarade sauce, Charcutière sauce, Deviled sauce, Diane sauce, Poîvrade sauce, Madeira sauce, and Port Wine sauce.

This sauce means "Spanish sauce". Many theories about the history of this sauce, one of which states that this sauce was brought by the chef Catherine from Aragon to England. This happened after he married King Henry VIII of England.