Monday, July 16, 2018

Hollandaise sauce

hollandaise sauce -

The Hollandaise sauce is one of five main sauces (mother sauce) in French classic cuisine. The hollandaise sauce is made from melted butter and egg yolk and added juice and vinegar juice.

This sausage becomes viscous because of the emulsions that make butter liquid and air in orange juice or vinegar mix and thicken. The temperature of this sauce should be kept always below 60 ° C so that the eggs in the sauce do not become curd.

Hollandaise is a French word meaning "from the Netherlands." This sauce was originally called "Isigny Sauce" from the name of a town in Normandy, Isigny-sur-mer.The city is famous for its butter in World War II butter should come from the Netherlands because the production of butter in France declined.

The name of the sauce is converted into hollandaise sauce to show the origin of the butter made for the sauce. Pierre de La Varenne, personal chef Louis XIV, once wrote the recipe for this sauce in his book Le Cuisinier Francois (French Culinary).