Saturday, July 7, 2018

gjetost -

Gjetost or Brunost is a cheese from a Norwegian country made with whey from goat's milk or pasteurized cow's milk. Gjet is a Norwegian language that means "goat".

Basically, Gjetost cheese is produced using only goat's milk but now cow's milk is mixed together with a bit of goat's milk. When made using only cow's milk it is called "Mysost" whereas if only goat milk is used it will be called "Ekta Gjetost".

Gjetost cheese is also known as "chocolate cheese" and "Norgold" in Norway. Making of this cheese began in the 9th and 10th centuries when the Norwegian country exported a lot of homemade butter. Large butter production leaves a large amount of unused whey.

In other countries, the whey is used to feed the animals. But in Denmark the winter is long and great while the period for milking goats was only briefly. Therefore, whey was finally used to make Gjetost cheese.