Thursday, July 12, 2018

dunlop -

Dunlop is a hard textured cheese from Scotland made with raw milk from Ayrshire cows. The Dunlop cheese was first made by Anne Dorward at his own ranch in southwestern Scotland in the 18th century.

The cheese is solid and has a sweet taste of fresh and slightly sour milk. Dunlop cheese texture is similar to Cheddar cheese. This cheese is shaped beams and is produced in Arran, Islay, Ayrshire (Burns), near DUmfries and Perth (Gowrie).

The producers making the Dunlop cheese also make other cheeses like Bonnet and Swinzie. Dunlop cheese is a hard-edged cheese, using unpasteurized milk and is a vegetarian cheese because it does not use animal rennet. This cheese ripening process takes six months.