Friday, July 13, 2018

schabziger -

Schabziger or Sapsago is a hard textured cheese from Switzerland that uses cow pasteurized milk in its manufacture. The name Sapsago is used for this cheese produced in the United States. This cheese comes from a monastery in the canton of Glarus. Characteristic of this cheese is its cylindrical shape and green color.

The green color of the cheese is obtained from the addition of fenugreek. The weight of the cheese is just 7 ounces. Schabziger cheese has a solid consistency and does not have cheese skin. This cheese was first mentioned in writing from the 8th century.

Until the year 1395, the area of Glarus was controlled by Sackingen monastery and its inhabitants paid rent to the monks. This rent can be paid in the form of cheese. To add flavor to the local cheese at the time, the cheese was added with a Bockshorn clover brought in from the east by the knights who followed the crusade.