Thursday, July 12, 2018


saint nectaire -

Saint-Nectaire is a French cheese that is in the process of making use of pasteurized cow's milk and has moldy skin. For centuries this cheese has been produced in the Monts-Dore area of AUvergne.

France's supreme commander Henri de La Ferte-Senneterre once brought the Saint-Nectaire cheese to Louis XIV. This cheese has the fragrant grass, straw, flowers and spices. The color of this cheese skin can be either whitish or red yellow with mushrooms growing on the surface.

This cheese is sold in two sizes. The first size weighs 2 kilograms, the diameter is 20 centimeters and the height is 5 centimeters. The smaller size is called Petit Saint-Nectaire weighing 1/2 kilogram, 12 centimeters in diameter and 4 centimeters in height.

If the cheese is made by hand then there will be green elliptical cap whereas when made using the machine in the industry there is a square-shaped stamp.