Wednesday, July 11, 2018

langres -

Langres is a French cheese that has a cylindrical shape with a curve at the top and wrinkles on the surface. This cheese is made using pasteurized cow's milk.

The origin of the Langres cheese is on the border of Champagne, Burgundy and Lothringen. The name Langres is derived from the name of the plateau in the area.

The skin of this cheese is slightly damp and has a bright color. The bright colors on Langres's cheese skin are caused by continuous leaching. If the maturation process briefly then the skin color of the cheese is yellow while the longer maturation process makes it brown.

Orange-colored bacteria are also yeast growing on the surface of this cheese. The curve at the top of the Langres cheese is created because the cheese curd is reversed twice as it dries. The Langres cheese had been praised in a song in the 18th century.