Friday, July 6, 2018

kintsuba -

Kintsuba ( or ) or kintsubayaki is a Japanese cake wagashi type of red peanut butter wrapped in flour. The dough of peanut butter wrap is made from wheat diluted with water and then diulen into thin slabs. This cake is usually round, and the surface is baked on a plate (a flat pan) that has been smeared with cooking oil.

This cake is named kintsubayaki because it looks like tsuba (hand protection) on the katana handrail from the Edo period.

The square-shaped Kintsuba called rigid kintsuba ( , literal meaning: kintsuba square) was created in the Meiji era. Red peanut butter is thickened with gelatin to harden, then cut into pieces square. The peanut butter slices are then dipped into a dough made from flour mixed with water. Kintsuba square is also cooked by means of baked on a flat pan.

Imo kintsuba ( ) or satsuma kintsuba (薩摩 ) is a kintsuba whose cake contents (Japanese: an, ) are made from sweet potato or imo yōkan. The shape is also square.