Friday, July 6, 2018

kashiwamochi -

Kashiwamochi ( ) is a Japanese cake made from rice flour with red peanut butter. This cake belongs to one type of mochi, and is called kashiwamochi because it is wrapped in a leaf of an oak tree (Quercus dentata, Japanese name: kashiwa). Leaf wrapping is not to be eaten.

Kashiwamochi is a special dish for the Children's Day celebration on May 5th in Japan. The old leaves of the kashiwa tree do not dissolve before the tree can enlarge the bud into new leaves. Therefore, this cake is believed to bring good fortune, and is used as an unbroken symbol of family lineage (parents should not die before children are born).

This pastry dough is made from rice flour and water. The dough is rounded by hand before flattened and stuffed red peanut butter in the center. The dough is then folded in half to a semicircle, and is baked in a steamed way. After the cake is cooked, the cake is wrapped one by one with the leaves of the kashiwa that make the typical flavored cake.