Wednesday, July 11, 2018

gaperon -

Gaperon is a cheese from Auvergne region in the French country made with the curd from cow's milk. Cheese is traditionally made in homes and not manufactured.

At first, curds are used to make this cheese but skim milk is often used. The curd to make Gaperon cheese was dyed together with garlic and pepper seeds before being pressed into a bowl-shaped mold.

After that, the cheese is tied with raffia straps and hung in the kitchen or warehouse to dry. The shape of this Gaperon cheese is like a dome with a height of 7.5 centimeters while it weighs about 300 grams. Gaperon cheese is covered with white, fluffy skin and has gray and blue blotches.

When this cheese is young, the texture is soft and the skin can be eaten. Meanwhile, when the cheese has been through the process of ripening the texture becomes increasingly hard. There is a tradition of giving Gaperon cheese tied with ribbon as a gift.