Friday, July 6, 2018

Cheonggukjang benefits


Cheonggukjang creates a bad impression from the start because of the nose piercing scent it produces, especially for foreigners and children. Korean children and young people mostly avoid food made from cheonggukjang. However, studies have shown that cheonggukjang is a healthy food for the body. Beneficial bacteria named Bacillus Subtlis that live in it can decompose soy protein into amino acids and saponins.

Saponins are useful in suppressing cancer cells, preventing stroke and dementia. In addition, the content in cheonggukjang can also lower cholesterol and hypertension, improve liver and digestive function, as diet foods and slow aging. Currently, already available cheonggukjang packed in pill form, so people who smell anti cheonggukjang also can enjoy the usefulness.