Saturday, July 7, 2018

stracchino  -

Stracchino is a term for cheese from an Italian country that is soft textured and made using cow's milk. The name stracchino comes from the Lombardy dialect of the word "stracca" which means "tired".

This is because the stracchino type cheese takes milk from a herd of cattle that has been tired after traveling from the valley of the Alps to Lombardy. This cheese has been produced in the Lombardy area since the 12th century. Some of the famous stracchino cheeses are Crescenza, Quartirolo, Taleggio and Robiola cheeses.

A good stracchino cheese has a graceful texture and taste like fruits. The cheese has a white color and should be consumed in a relatively short time. Stracchino cheese is often baked to make focaccia.