Thursday, July 12, 2018

salers -

Salers or Fourme de Salers is a high cylindrical French cheese made with raw cow's milk. The cheese is produced in the Cantal region as well as in 41 villages in the departments of Aveyron, Correze, Haute-Loire, and Puy de Dome.

The name Salers himself comes from a town located in the mountains of Cantal. To make Salers cheese, milk used only milk from Salers cows.

Cheese Salers has thousands of mites on its surface. The skin of this cheese is thick as a rock and has a brownish yellow color. The inside of the Salers cheese is yellow and has a fragrant, dandelion-like flower. The flavor of this cheese is very sharp, savory and has the flavor of nuts and raw onions.

Cheese Salers are generally consumed after meals. Apples and grapes fit together with this cheese. In addition, Salers cheese is also used for baking and to make soups and sauces.