Saturday, July 7, 2018

liptauer -

Liptauer is a flour cheese that has been added spices from Hungary. Liptauer is developed from Liptoi cheese made from sheep's milk and white. The curd of Liptoi cheese is hung in a sack before it is brought to a small factory and then the curd is mixed with peppers and salt so it becomes Liptauer topped cheese.

Families in Hungary have their own recipes for Liptauer cheese. Some are adding onions, cumin, capers, and anchovies to the curd. Because Hungarians like to eat spicy then Liptauer cheese is also available in a very spicy version.

In addition to Hungary, this cheese is also made in Czech, Austrian and Scandinavian countries. Similar topical cheeses are also made in Italy using Gorgonzola cheese instead of Liptoi and Mascarpone instead of butter.