Friday, July 6, 2018

katsudon -

Katsudon ( ) is Japanese food, a bowl of rice on which is given chunks of fried pork, eggs, vegetables, and spices.

This dish comes from the Japanese word, tonkatsu for pork chop and donburi for a bowl of rice dishes.

Katsudon has become a tradition for students in Japan to eat it the night before the exam or entrance school. This is due to the word "katsu" which is the homophone of the katsu verb, which means "win" or "winner".

Katsudon also became famous in Japanese police films: many people thought that the suspect would speak honestly with tears when they ate katsudon and asked, "Have you ever thought how your mother feels about this?" Even today, the joke "we have to eat katsudon while being interrogated" became a popular thing in Japanese films.