Thursday, July 12, 2018


herrgårdsost -

Herrgårdsost is a Swedish cheese made with pasteurized cow's milk. His name in Swedish means "noble cheese". The weight and shape of the cheese is similar to the wheels. This cheese weighs between 12 and 20 kilograms.

The color of this cheese is pale yellow and the holes in it are about the size of a pea. Herrgårdsost cheese has been produced since the early first century as an alternative to expensive Gruyere cheese. There are some similarities between Herrgårdsost cheese and Gruyere cheese, among which are both easily melted and durable.

However, Herrgårdsost cheese is softer and has smaller holes in size. In Sweden, the cheese is consumed with bread for lunch. Because the fat content is large enough then this cheese is suitable for baking.