Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fleur du maquis

fleur du maquis -

Fleur du Maquis or also known as Brin d'amour is a cheese from the French Corsican region made with raw sheep milk. The name of this cheese has the meaning of "flower of the maquis" which is the nickname for the region of Corsica.

Maquis is a term for the bushes where robbers often gather. The milk used to make Fleur du Maquis cheese is milk from Lacaune sheep. This cheese is sprinkled with a variety of leaves like rosemary, pepper, and juniper berries.

The young Fleur du Maquis cheese has a light and sweet taste. The process of cheese ripening is done during the fall. Maturation makes this cheese sweet, like beans, full of cream and aromatic. The shape of this cheese is a box with rounded edges.