Friday, July 6, 2018

enokitake -

Enokitake mushroom ( , enoki mushroom) is a food fungus with fruit body cultivation of long-shaped white color like bean sprouts. Also known as mushroom sprouts, winter mushrooms, or gold needle mushrooms (Hanzi: 针菇, pinyin: jīnzhēngū, Hangul: 팽이 버섯, Alihaksara: pengi beoseot).

In a mildly temperate region of the world, mushrooms grow in the wild at low temperatures from autumn to early spring. Mushrooms are also known to grow under the snow. The fungus grows on the surface of the deciduous Celtis sinensis (Japanese: Enoki) tree, which is called Enokitake (Enoki mushroom). Mushrooms can also grow on the surface of decayed logs of broad-leaved trees such as Bebesaran and Persimmon. This fungus is often regarded as a pest for some agricultural products.