Wednesday, July 11, 2018

cabecou -

Cabécou or Cabécou de Rocamadour is a French cheese made with sheep's milk and unpasteurized goat milk.

Since getting the AOC certification in 1996, the name of the cheese is better known as "Rocamadour" because the name "Cabecou" is considered too general. The name Rocamadour also makes this cheese easy to distinguish from other Cabecou cheeses.

This cheese has a round shape and has a white skin. Sometimes this cheese is sprinkled with wild leaves. Cabécou de Rocamadour cheese is sold also in long pieces ready for baking and used to make salads.

This cheese can be eaten in various stages of maturation. During the maturation process, the hairy skin of this cheese grows. Clit color is white but the longer it can turn into brown or yellow.