Sunday, July 8, 2018

wresah -

Wresah or hanggasa (Amomum dealbatum) is a kind of aromatic plant members of the tribe of ginger-jahean (Zingiberaceae). The sweet fruit is rather sour and smells typical of the commonly eaten fresh; his young fruit eaten after boiling.

This native Indonesian plant is known as wresah, wersah or restah (Jw.); resak (Mly.); hanggasa, hangasa, ranggasa (Sd.); and langkasa (Kangean); "grunt" (lombok) (. The fruit is also known as Java cardamom (Ingg.).

The fruit is primarily eaten fresh, favored by the seed salts containing a lot of sweet juice and (sometimes) somewhat sour taste. Umbut and young shoots, young inflorescences, and young fruit are often boiled, as vegetables or eaten with chili sauce.

Products from India are traded as replacement cardamom, at least in the past. In China it is used as a traditional medicinal herb.