Friday, July 6, 2018

nori -

Nori (海苔, ) is the Japanese name for food stuffed with dried seaweed sheets. Nori is used as a decoration and flavoring of various Japanese dishes, side dishes while eating rice, and snack foods such as senbei. Raw materials are Porphyra-type algae such as Porphyra pseudolinearis Ueda known as Iwanori and Porphyra yezoensis Ueda.

Although color can not be used as a handle of quality, high quality nori sheets are generally blackish green, while lower quality nori is green to light green.

Japan, China, and Korea are the largest nori producers in the world. In the PRC, nori is referred to as hǎitái (海苔), and in Korea is called a game ().

Korea is famous for its spiced nori sesame oil, chili, and salt granules that are rather coarse so it smells typical and feels a bit spicy.