Friday, July 6, 2018

minestrone -

Minestrone is a thick Italian soup. This soup comes from the word "minestra", a term used to refer to a thick soup. Generally minestrone cooked from a tomato sauce filled with the contents of pods, onions, celery, chopped tomatoes and carrots, then added pasta.

Minestrone is the most populist Italian cuisine, where each region has its own variety of recipes. Historically, the chances of this soup are made from the remains of unused food. This dish comes from the recipes of the farmers who want to make simple but nutritious and filling dishes.

There are separate terms that categorize simple dishes created in the people's kitchen, namely cucina provera or the cuisine of the poor. Even so, Italians love minestrones so much that in every home and region, they create a great variety.

In Italy, the position of this soup can be equated with pasta. There is no standard recipe for cooking, but the Italian people use the potluck ingredients that are available in the kitchen. The minestrone content material varies throughout the year. The soup can be a thick chicken broth of vegetable contents boiled briefly or may be boiled for longer.