Thursday, July 12, 2018

mimolette -

Mimolette or also known as Boule de Lille is a cheese from the Flanders region of France made with the pasteurized milk [cow].

The name of this cheese comes from the word "mimou" which means soft part although when it is matured the texture becomes hard. Meanwhile, the name Boule de Lille was taken from a cellar in Lille where the cheese was first made in France.

This cheese originally came from the Netherlands and was introduced to the Flanders area when it became part of the Netherlands. Basically this cheese is Edam cheese which is matured for six to nine months. The process makes this cheese very hard and fragile.

Mimolette cheese is popular as a snack eaten along with a beer. Most of these cheeses are eaten when they are ripe called "vieux" or "etuve". The color of this cheese orange cera due to the use of annatto.