Friday, July 6, 2018

konnyaku -

Konnyaku (Amorphophallus konjac; English: konjac; Japanese: / ; ; konnyaku; Korean: 곤약; gonyak; Chinese: ; Pinyin: jǔ ruò) is a kind of tuber crop of members of the Amorphophallus genus that grows in the area warm to tropical subtropics such as East Asia, Japan, southern China to Indonesia.

Other names in foreign languages are konjac, konjac, devil's tongue, or elephant foot yam (although this last name is also pinned to suweg A. paeoniifolius)
konnyaku -

Konnyaku is an annual plant that grows from large bulbs 25 cm in diameter. This tuber is a modification of the stem. The leaves are 1.3 m from the base, pinnate, and divided into various leaflets. The flowers are produced on a flower spatha (spatha) protected by a dark purple leaf (braktea) shell measuring up to 55 cm.