Wednesday, July 4, 2018

crepe -

Crêpe is a thin pancake made from wheat and is a very popular food throughout Europe and elsewhere. The main ingredients are wheat, egg, milk, butter, and salt. There are two types of crêpe, namely sweet crêpe made from wheat flour and salted crêpe made from buckwheat flour.

Crêpe comes from Bretagne, a region in western France, where crêpe is referred to as kramphouezh. However, the consumption of crêpe is now widespread throughout France. Buckwheat came from China, and after spreading to Eastern Europe developed into a similar food called blintz. In Bretagne, crêpes are usually served traditionally with applesauce.

In Central Europe, this kind of food is called palačinka (Czech, Slovak, Croatian and Slovenian), palatschinken (Austria), palacsinta (Hungarian). All these nicknames are from the Romanian word plăcintă (placenta Latin meaning 'cake'). In most parts of Germany, the crêpe is referred to as Pfannkuchen, and in Dutch pannenkoeken. These two words, derived from the word 'pan' and 'cake' which respectively mean 'roasting' and 'cake'.